After a year in the dreaming, planning, conjuring, doing and patience….The IMpower Project has been manifested in the world. This foundation, or the preferred moniker, a collaborative grass roots effort, was inspired by a song called Simple Words. The song was born partly from a text received from a friend who was standing on a razor thin edge of choosing to see hope and value in her life or not. I heard music as I read some of the words in the text. “Odd and inappropriate” I thought. Deeply concerned, I called immediately, praying I could offer the lifeline she was looking for–or that I hoped she was looking for. We talked for almost 3 hours. We talked until we both knew she was OK. We talked until her voice and words shifted from hopeless desperation to inspired hope. Gratefully we were laughing by the end of the conversation. The chorus of the song were words spoken to her.  At the end of the conversation, I asked her (cuz we’re friends), if I could use a couple sentences from her text as lyrics. I shared with her that I heard music. She, being a writer, was THRILLED by the request and enthusiastically offered as many words as I wanted.

It was a chilly April morning, less than a week after the conversation when the song came in.  Sitting on my front porch, hands freezing–but it was such a beautiful morning, I couldn’t be inside. I put a capo on my guitar, with no preconceptions about writing anything. I didn’t set out to write Simple Words. It wrote itself. I was simply a vessel. When the chorus came in, I was covered in gooseflesh, tears streaming down my face–I was in the presence of something much much bigger than myself. While I’ve had that experience many times before, this was different. This was about more, much more than a song, it was a healing, a reminder that we all need and I found I needed more than I realized. When I heard the song played back for the first time,  just on a little hand held recorder, I wept again as I received the message of the song–hearing, FEELING, really taking in the truth of the words. When I brought the song to the band, the gravity and power of it was palpable. I knew when it came in that it was BIG–really BIG. We all did. The inspiration to offer the song to a bigger purpose came  in pretty immediately. But it wouldn’t be until June that it would all come together, become clear as to WHAT the BIG was. Giving the song to the cause of suicide prevention and intervention and empowerment initiatives (programs focusing on positive regard for self and others–anti-bullying) seemed a perfect match–as thought THAT was the reason the song came in the first place.  Now we needed a WAY to do this. That’s when the IMpower Project was born. The song Simple Words can be downloaded here and at the IMPower site with ALL proceeds benefitting the project. Thank you for joining the effort!!

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