The folks serving as Directors and Board Members are offering their time, energy and services voluntarily. If you are interested in volunteering, we’d LOVE to have you. Email us at Please put “volunteer” in the subject line.


Meet the Directors: Photos not yet available. Coming soon.

DeLaran Withers : Founder and Executive Director. She’s a really fun, passionate, compassionate, empath, artsy, life loving, musician person. She’s a graduate of Eckerd College receiving her degree in Human Development/Psychology with a minor in visual arts. She’s the guitarist and co-lead singer of the Sarasota based band, Waking Giants. She’s a Florida native. REALLY?!? She owns a graphic design and screen printing business. She volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She practices Yoga and gratitude and believes in Random Acts of Kindness.

Jill Collum : Associate Director. Jill is also really fun. Her capacity for empathy and compassion impelled her into a career in social work. She’s a graduate of New College and is currently working as a Social Worker in Sarasota and will complete her Master’s Degree in social work in the spring! YAY JILL!!! Jill’s a Chicago, Illinois native.

Lova Patterson : ¬†Associate Director. Yep, she’s really fun too!!! Lova is a graduate of Eckerd College and has established a decade+ long career as Associate Director of Campus Activities at Eckerd College. She serves as advisor for student organizations as well as being a mentor, friend and confidante to the students. She’s also a musician person who also plays in Waking Giants. She is a Muncie, Indiana native.


The Current Board Members are:

Charlotte Warn

Kelly Bennet

Jill Collum

DeLaran Withers

DrBev Jackson


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