With an average of 8 suicides daily reported in the state of Florida in 2012*, we recognize the growing need for “help for the help.” We’ve also noticed the direct relationship between “bullying” (and other forms of social alienation) as well as undiagnosed and untreated mental illness and suicide, especially within the adolescent population. Because there are  gaps in resources and services for individuals under 18 years of age, gaps that young lives are lost to every day, we are concentrating a greater amount of our energies on reaching them.

*data from www.floridasuicideprevention.org




We intend to help with financial support and education


Providing financial support to existing non-for profit organizations, programs and wellness centers committed to suicide prevention/intervention and protracted support. This would include, but is not limited to, organizations and facilities that provide mental health services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and life/job skill training.

With the benefit of adequate funding, suicide prevention/life enrichment centers and programs would have the ability to improve and expand their services, increasing the numbers of lives saved and positively impacted.

Programs such as the Adult Rehabilitation Program offered by the Salvation Army on 10th st. in Sarasota, Florida is an example of a highly effective program with a ‘whole life, whole person’ approach to wellness. They offer the kind of extensive and protracted care and support aforementioned. 

Our goal is to also fund residential programs for at risk youth. There are very few “homes” for at risk youth (that aren’t “lock down” facilities) in the Tri-County area. Our goal is to enrich places such as the Brookwood Home for Girls in St. Petersburg, FL. with a long term goal of helping establish enough supportive homes to meet the need.

We intend to  offer financial and consulting support in establishing and/or developing programs in schools and communities that foster healthy attitudes and behaviors towards self and others with the intent of eradicating abusive, violent behaviors whether physical or verbal, including electronically disseminated.  

  the goal (b): to support programs (established or developing) in schools (preK-12) and communities centered on esteem building/developing and maintaining healthy, positive self-image and positive, healthy regard for others, positive coping skills and conflict resolution. Embracing and empowering both aggressor and recipient or potential aggressors and recipients by not using words such as “bully” or “victim” as they are both in need of the same attention, healing and support. No vilification. These are all INCLUSIVE programs, to IMpower. Desired result: prevention and/or eradication of future acts of violence in all its forms and empowerment of both aggressor and recipient.

We also  intend to help those who are seeking help and can’t afford it.

Providing an online list of reliable resources: programs, residential programs, therapists, etc…

And also by creating social network pages/sites whereby people can interact, sharing stories, offering support and inspiration or requesting it.


   Glad you asked!! This will happen in phases and because it is grassroots, it will have a very dynamic, organic flow. The first phase: Waking Giants is offering a track download for $1.99 available on our website and other locations. The proceeds of this track will generate the first wave of capital. We will also have a video download available at a later date. We’ll continue to adapt and augment in alignment with what’s happening and as need arises. 
IMPOWER Festivals
Part of the Grand vision is to produce IMpower Festivals that would include music, educational opportunities, workshops, speakers, vendors, art and food. All proceeds from the festival to benefit the IMpower Project. These festivals would begin in South Florida and ultimately would appear across the United States funding the local IMpower Projects as well as contributing to the IMpower Project Mothership,
  By submitting via email or snail mail a request telling us who you are (your role in the organization), what your program or organization does, what you’re working on (your plan) and a line item budget of estimated cost for augmenting/improving existing programs or developing new programs. If you have an idea for a school or community based program you would follow the same steps: tell us who you are, share your idea, share a detailed description of your plan and an estimated cost. If you’re not sure how to figure this, we may be able to help. 
   We would need to see data (ie: best practices) supporting the need and potential success of the proposed plan and would request semi annual reports on effectiveness.
   WE’d like to have the resources (physical) to consult on the program ideas (if needed). For example, a student at any age, decides they’d like to launch an empowerment program, had great ideas and needs a little guidance, it’d be awesome if either (a) we could provide that guidance or (b) refer them to someone who can. We have a template program based on Jill’s program design that she has delivered in middle schools.



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